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A bit about us at Business Success ABC

As Founders of the Business Success ABC Brand, we were always in Business, from about 6 years old. Entrepreneurship was a way of life for us. As we got older and went into various Businesses, including Fortune 500 BIG BRAND Businesses, where we also gained invaluable experience in managing and leading in businesses of all sizes.

This was our background for learning (sometimes the hard way) how to build successful businesses. Persons often asked us how did we achieve success from such young ages and we responded by sharing our testimonies and our knowledge in as many forums as we could.

My Partner used to share on TV as a local television host nd as a special guest writer of local newspaper columns. I was also a regular weekly guest on the TV Station's Business Segment.

I also started the radio program entitled "Business Success, the King's Way" back in 2008 The response was so overwhelming that I recognized the need to reach more persons than the reach of the radio program. I therefore responded to the need and wrote and published the book with the same title, "Business Success, the King's Way".

Other members of our team joined also brought their success, influence and experience to the table and we have been offering our knowledge, secrets and expertise through workshops, webinars, seminars, appearances and courses.




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